We’ve integrated with TeamUp to offer an all in one branded app for your business

We’ve integrated with TeamUp to offer an all in one branded app for your business

Hybrid. Digital. Ecosystem. These are the buzzwords of the fitness sector today, and with good reason: already evident before the pandemic, customers’ expectations of a convenient, flexible fitness product have rapidly accelerated over the last couple of years.

The result: digital technology that lets customers access your gym’s product on their terms is no longer a nice-to-have; an integrated in- and out-of-club offering isn’t just for the early adopters. This is now the cost of entry.

But where do you start?

In fact, it isn’t hard. The starting point is a mobile app that integrates with your club’s booking system – and we can do this for you.

You run your club. We’ll sort your app.

Fitnexus is the world’s fastest-growing custom-branded app provider for gyms, studios and health clubs.

We already integrate with all the major CRM systems – including our most recent integration with TeamUp – which means our app comes ready integrated with your club’s booking system, whichever system you use.

It’s just a short step from there to brand it to your business; in no time at all, you’ll have a powerful, engaging, own-branded app that delivers a seamless member experience as well as seamless back-office functionality, allowing you to be as hands-on or as hands-off as you like.

Welcome to the hybrid model made really, really easy.

We do the tech so you don’t have to

Let’s take a proper look at TeamUp for an insight into what the integration actually means for gyms and end users.

Firstly, it’s seamless for the end user. Members don’t need to create a separate log-in for the app, and they can make purchases and upgrade memberships through the app too – even though, behind the scenes, payments are still taken via TeamUp.

Class bookings – a key driver of app usage – are another great example of the benefits of integration. In the case of TeamUp, for example, all the rules and booking conditions set up in TeamUp by you are automatically carried over. All the heavy lifting is done: all the gym has to do is give its new branded app to it’s clients and you’re good to go!

Premium experience, affordable price

Meanwhile, Fitnexus’s own app functionality brings additional features and benefits to members and customers above and beyond what they already have access to.

We’re talking fully integrated class bookings as well as on-demand workouts, with an extensive library of over 1,000 expert-led virtual classes and the option to add your own should you choose. We’re talking fitness tracking and challenges, training plans and healthy recipes, community-building features including a virtual noticeboard, alerts and social feeds.

Your members will love Fitnexus… but they won’t even realise it, because this will be your own dedicated app – your brand, your colour scheme, your content, integrated with your CRM for an absolutely seamless member experience.

Whatever their fitness needs, with Fitnexus – in collaboration with your club’s CRM – your members never have to leave your ecosystem.

See how our app could work for your business. Book a demo now.

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We’ve integrated with TeamUp to offer an all in one branded app for your business

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